The world's first capsule bed controlled from your phone. Capsules combine hitech & safety. We have created an environment where people can comfortably relax in the conditions of limited space and time.

Your safety is at the highest level for us.

About Us

Fire safe and resistant, all materials are impregnated with propylene which guarantees fire resistance.

Certified by UE/EN.

We have been trusted for 15 years.

Environmentally Friendly Panel Assembly Capsule Beds with Excellent Functionality and Cost Performance
Heat Insulation

In order to ensure safety in case of fire, the materials used in the dormitory are fire-resistant or non-combustible. Particular attention was paid to capsule beds to prevent the spread of fire. This precautionary measure is intended to ensure the safety and well-being of all guests.


The dorm beds are designed with durability in mind and are made from metal profiles for strength. The use of a special coating adds an extra layer of protection, preventing oxidation and preserving the surface of metallic materials. This choice of materials and finishing methods ensures that the beds remain scratch resistant and retain their quality over time.

Sound Insulation

The hostel has taken measures to minimize noise disturbance between capsule beds. The panels surrounding the beds are equipped with cushioning materials that help absorb sound waves, while the mattresses and futons also contribute to reducing ambient noise. As a result, guests can enjoy a peaceful and comfortable sleep without being bothered by noises coming from neighboring capsule beds.


These beds offer the convenience of easy transportation and installation. They can be moved to different locations as long as there is enough space for assembly, making them suitable for existing buildings and nap rooms with small entrances. Unlike FRP beds that need to be transported as a whole, these beds can be disassembled and transported at a lower cost. Additionally, when these beds are no longer needed, they can be recycled, contributing to sustainability and environmental consciousness.

Easy maintenance

The panels have smooth surfaces resistant to scratches and stains. They can be easily cleaned by removing small stains. These beds require very little maintenance, except for the replacement of consumables such as light bulbs, and are designed for long life and trouble-free use.


We provide secure capsule solutions that are at the forefront of innovation for the world's first hostel. Our capsules are equipped with advanced automation technology, allowing guests to conveniently control various functions through their smartphones. This includes features such as access control, lighting, temperature, and more, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for every guest. Rest assured, our priority is to provide a secure and technologically advanced environment for your stay.

Why People Choose our Sleep-Capsule

We offer comprehensive advice tailored to different needs and budgets. Our expert team provides guidance on various aspects, including layout options, optimal bed types and arrangements, starting a capsule hotel, revenue enhancement strategies, efficient room layouts based on size, and creating shared spaces while maintaining the desired number of dorms or boarding houses. From project planning to design, construction, and ongoing maintenance, we provide comprehensive support throughout the entire process.

Thorough Quality Control for Safety and Reliability

We prioritize safety and reliability through thorough quality control measures. Sleep Capsules are designed with smooth panels that minimize protrusions and eliminate any irregularities, ensuring a safe and accident-free environment. Our panels have been certified as noncombustible providing an additional layer of assurance for the safety of our guests.


Design that attracts attention outside of Spain

We have a strong track record of manufacturing capsule beds for renowned capsule hotels. Our expertise extends beyond Spain, as we have successfully delivered capsule beds for diverse projects worldwide. With our group companies established in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and other locations globally, we are well-positioned for overseas expansion.

Proven track record: , more than 1,000 capsule hotels and sleepovers

With a remarkable installation record of over 1,000 capsule beds, our expertise extends beyond capsule hotels. We have successfully implemented our capsule beds in the nap rooms of numerous companies and organizations that require 24-hour staffing. This includes police stations, fire stations, trucking and taxi companies, railway companies, as well as financial and insurance companies. Our extensive experience allows us to provide tailored advice based on our proven track record, guiding clients on what is feasible and best suited to their specific requirements.

We will find the best solution for you

We invite you for a consultation. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will guide you through our product offerings, helping you find the ideal solution to suit your specific needs. We look forward to showcasing our innovative sleep solutions and helping you find your perfect capsule bed.
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